Kobe Bryant’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Successful Basketball Player Who Was Drafted Into the NBA Directly From High School

Kobe Bryant is among the most beloved and decorated basketball players of his time ever to step on the basketball court. He’s one of the few basketball players whose career took off by being drafted into the NBA right from high school. And similar to his career, Kobe Bryant’s workout routine and diet plan are also taken care of with equal attention.

kobe bryant workout routine

Kobe Bryant was among the players who consistently performed best on the court and won the 2008s MVP award. Nonetheless, let’s find out how Kobe Bryant trained himself and what he ate to keep himself energetic, which helped him perform at his maximum level throughout his career.

Kobe Bryant’s Workout Principles

Kobe has a unique way of training during his off-season, popularly known as the 666 workouts. The workout name comes from Bryant, who likes working out 6 days a week for 6 hours a day and 6 months a year. In addition, this aggressive 6-hour workout is divided into 2 hr timeframe for basketball skills, track work, and weightlifting.

Kobe Bryant’s Workout Routine

Kobe is known for his insane training method. When he was off the basketball court, he focused on increasing strength and stamina by doing weight training sessions.

As discussed earlier, he likes to train six days a week; here below is one such workout routine of Kobe Bryant. He goes for 8 to 12 reps for one exercise, which is best for achieving muscle hypertrophy.

Monday & Thursday – Upper Body

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Bench Press 3-4 8-12
Lat Pulldowns 3-4 8-12
Incline Press 3-4 8-12
Military Press 3-4 8-12
Bicep Curls 3-4 8-12
Push – Ups (Iso Hold) 3-4 10-12

Tuesday & Friday – Olympic Lifts

Exercise Sets Reps
Stiffed Leg BB Deadlift 3-4 8-12
Romanian BB Deadlift 3-4 8-12
Clean Pulls 3-4 8-12
DB Side Lateral Raises 3-4 8-12
Bar Dips 3-4 8-12
Triceps Press downs 3-4 8-12

Wednesday & Saturday – Lower Body

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Back Or Front Squats 3-4 10-12
Leg Curls 3-4 10-12
Leg Extensions 3-4 8-12
Calf Raises 3-4 10-12
Ab Crunches 3-4 10-12


Sunday – Rest Day

Kobe Bryant’s Diet Plan

Kobe used to be very strict towards his diet. The Lakers have hired a nutritionist who helped all players follow a healthy diet plan. For instance, the diet included grass-fed animal protein and vegetables. Nonetheless, here below is one such diet plan of Kobe Bryant:


Meal 1:

  • Egg Omelet
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits
  • Green Tea

Meal 2:

  • Green Vegetables
  • Wild Caught Fish
  • Olive Oil

Meal 3:

  • Lean Protein
  • Quinoa


Our Closing Thoughts on Kobe Bryant’s Workout Routine

Kobe was among one of the best basketball players of his time. He’s even known as the best player in the NBA’s history. He’s the proud winner of All-Star for 15 times and All-Star MVP for 4 times between 2002, 2007, 2009 & 2011. Nonetheless, if you’ve questions about Kobe Bryant’s workout routine or diet plan, here we’ve mentioned one you can try. Good luck!

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