Here’s 8-Times Ms. Olympia Winner & Prominent Figure of Professional Bodybuilding Lenda Murray’s Workout Routine

In every sport, you’ll find athletes who have reached the pinnacle and have achieved what they could never have thought about achieving. And for female bodybuilding, very few have had the opportunity to do so, and one of them is Lenda Murray.

Lenda Murray Workout Routine

From trying to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader to becoming 8 times Ms. Olympia, her journey has been long. Similarly, she has also received recognition for her role in the bodybuilding industry for her staggering 8-time winning of Ms. Olympia. Hence, fans questioning Lenda Murray’s workout routine isn’t surprising.

Lenda Murray’s Workout Routine

Linda Murray’s workout consists of four sessions a week, each lasting about 90 minutes. She goes for two days on and two days off, with 30-minute cardio sessions every day. Nonetheless, below is one such workout routine that will help you learn about her workout style.

Day 1 – Chest & Triceps

Incline DB Bench Press48 – 12
Incline Machine Chest Press (Seated)48 – 12
BB Bench Press48 – 12
DB Flys412 – 15
Triceps Extensions (Lying)410 – 12
1 – Arm Triceps Overhead Extensions412 – 15
Triceps Cable Pushdowns412 – 15

Day 2 – Legs

BB Back Squats48 – 12
Leg Extensions412 – 15
BB Or DB Lunges48 – 12 / Leg
Leg Curls (Lying)412 – 15
Stiff Leg BB Deadlift48 – 12
Seated Calf Raises412 – 15

Day 3 – Rest Day

Day 4 – Back & Biceps

Chin Ups412 – 15
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns48 – 12
Cable Rowing48 – 12
1 – Arm DB Rowing412 – 15
Standing BB Curls412 – 15
Incline Curls412 – 15
Preacher Curls412 – 15

Day 5 – Shoulders & Abs

Seated DB Press48 – 12
Cable Side Lateral Raises412 – 15
Front Lateral Raises412 – 15
DB Bent Over Rear Deltoid Raises412 – 15
BB or DB Shrugs48 – 12
Knee Crunches412 – 15
Bicycle Crunches412 – 15

Day 6 – Rest Day

Day 7 – Rest Day or Repeat Day 1 Exercise Chest & Triceps

Lenda Murray’s Diet Plan

Diet is essential, and when it comes to pro-level bodybuilding, it’s as important as the workout. Similarly, Lenda knows about it, and she’s no different. She’s been the winner of Ms. Olympia 8 times. Hence, it’s understandable she knows a lot better about it.

Initially, it was challenging for her to follow the strict diet plan that focused on muscle development. However, she restricted herself from binging on unhealthy food and followed a strict diet and proper workout routine that helped her transition from a cheerleader to a competitive bodybuilder.

Lenda Murray’s diet plan includes the proper source of protein along with optimal carbohydrates. She also consumes good fats to match the healthy fat resources required in any proper diet plan. Even today, she follows an adequately structured diet that helps her stay on track with her fitness goals.

Meal 1:

  • Oatmeal
  • Egg Whites
  • Whey Protein Shake

Meal 2:

  • Spinach
  • Chicken Breast
  • Rice

Meal 3:

  • Salad
  • Fish


  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Omega 3s
  • Multi Vitamins
  • Meal Replacement Bars

About Lenda Murray

Born in 1962 in Michigan, Detroit, Lenda Murray has been athletic since her youth. For instance, she was a varsity-level cheerleader at the time of attending Henry Ford High School and had even set records for track in those days. Similarly, when she started going to college, she started cheerleading at Western Michigan and even became the second African American to be homecoming queen in the history of schooling.

Further, at the age of 22, she started hitting the gym with the intent of toning her physique to do better in cheerleading. But she quickly fell in love with it and felt passionate about it. Under the advice of her friends, she even started doing strength training with the overall goal of bodybuilding.

In 1985, she participated in her first Michigan State Championships bodybuilding show, where she got placed 4th. This experience inspired her to do more, and in a few years, she even developed a frame.

In 1988, her skills started shining, and she won her second event. And, by 1989, she secured her pro card by winning the Junior Nationals. After five years, she entered her first Mr. Olympia contest in 1990, which also shaped her future.

Titles Won by Lenda Murray

  • 1985 – NPC Michigan State
  • 1985 – NPC Eastern Michigan
  • 1986 – NPC Michigan
  • 1986 – NPC Ironwoman Michigan
  • 1987 – NPC Michigan
  • 1987 – NPC North Coast
  • 1988 – NPC Michigan
  • 1989 – NPC Junior Nationals
  • 1989 – IFBB North American Championships

Olympia Results

  • 1990 to 1995 – Placed 1st in IFBB Ms. Olympia
  • 1996 & 1997 – Placed 2nd in IFBB Ms. Olympia
  • 2002 & 2003 – Placed 1st in IFBB Ms. Olympia
  • 2004 – Placed 2nd in IFBB Ms. Olympia

Closing Thoughts

Lenda has always believed that listening to the body is essential. It even becomes natural when you have years of experience. Nonetheless, her career is one of domination, but it wasn’t smooth. She had a slow start, and it took her a while to reach where she is today. Though she’s not Ms. Olympia presently, she’s still one of the greatest female bodybuilders.

Similarly, if you’re her fan and have questioned Lenda Murray’s workout routine, we’ve covered one that you can look up to. We assure you it’ll give you clarity about her workout philosophy, and if you implement it into your routine, you’ll get results.

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