Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Competitor & British Fitness Model

Born in 1979, Roger Snipes is a top British fitness model, personal trainer, and bodybuilder who started his fitness journey in his early days in his teenage like any other pro bodybuilder. Competitive by nature Roger Snipes has been passionate about weight training from a very early age.

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Roger Snipes Early Life

Roger hasn’t grown up in the fortunate circumstance. His neighborhood was crime stricken, and most of them who dwelled there either ended up in prison or stayed on the support schemes of the government. Further, at the age of 17, he even became homeless. He was living with his abusive father, and to escape, he ran away from his house with few items.

His father was an alcoholic and also had psychotic behavior. Hence, Roger was abused physically and psychologically. And after he ran away, Roeger’s stepmother sheltered him and also helped him structure his life again.

Roger Has Been Passionate for Fitness From Very Early On

Roger has always been passionate about fitness from a young age. And after running away from home, he even realized that he couldn’t control circumstances all the time, but he can control how he responds to them. Similarly, fitness & training came like therapy for him.

Further, Roger began understanding the importance of nutrition to achieve his dream physique. Once he achieved his peak body composition, he decided to compete as a natural bodybuilder and a fitness model. Interestingly he was placed first, and further down the road, he even won a pro card for 2 different fitness federations and got sponsorships. And he also made an appearance on national TV.

Workout Principles of Roger Snipes

Roger Snipes has completed a DNA test, and according to that test, he should be doing 60% strength and 40% endurance. Similarly, his hypertrophy includes strength training with small reps & higher weights.

Roger Snipes’s Workout Routine

He usually likes to do strength exercises and gets better results in them. The workout routine of Roger includes low reps & heavy weights. Further, he likes adding accessory exercises with higher reps, which helps his muscle growth. And one such workout routine of him is as below:

Monday – Quads & Calves

Hack Squats48
Seated Calf Raises68
Leg Press48
Standing Calf Raises48
DB Lunges48
Leg Extensions48

Tuesday: Back & Triceps

Seated Rowing48
Hammer Strength Row48
Rope Pushdowns48
Wide Grip Pull – Ups48
Bent Over BB Rowing48
Tate Press48

Wednesday – Chest & Biceps

Flat BB Bench Press48
Preacher Curls48
Incline BB Bench Press48
BB Curls48
Hammer Strength Decline48
DB Concentration Curls48
Cable Fly48
DB Hammer Curls48

Thursday – Legs

Glute Hamstring Raises48
Hip Raises W/ 100 KG Bar48
BB Deadlift48
BB Back Squats48
Hamstring Curls48
Wide Sumo Squats Pulses48

Friday – Shoulder

BB Upright Rowing48
Front Raises48
Rear DB Flys48
Rope Face Pulls48
Behind The Neck Shoulder Press48
Seated DB Side Lateral Raises48
Seated Cable Rowing W/ Wide Bar & High Elbows48

Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day

Roger Snipes’s Diet Plan

Roger likes to mix his diet according to how he’s feeling. His diet is mixed with clean and dirty food both. Nonetheless, he believes in balancing it according to his body’s requirements. And one such diet plan of Roger Snipe is as below:


Meal 1:

  • Oats
  • Protein Shake
  • Berries

Meal 2:

  • Protein Shake

Meal 3:

  • Spinach
  • Chicken
  • Brown Rice

Meal 4:

  • Salmon
  • Green Salad


Roger Has Huge Social Media Followers & He Likes Teaching

Later, Roger found personal training and helped his clients reach their potential fitness success. He’s a Personal Development & Mindset coach and helps build his client from the inside out.

Presently he has a massive social media following with 1.5 million and above followers. He even interviews the world’s leading experts from entrepreneurship to naturopathic medicine on his weekly podcast “The Roger Snipes Show.”

Wrapping Up

Roger never liked to lose, which motivates him to become a stronger version of himself in his life in general, as well as in weightlifting. Nonetheless, if you’ve been looking for Roger Snipes’s workout routine or diet plan, here we’ve covered one of them. We hope you will give it a try.

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