Bosnian Based Fitness Model & IFBB Pro Physique Competitor Who’s Known for Winning Numerous High Profile Competitions

Born in a war-torn country Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sadik Hadzovic always idolized comic book heroes to escape his surroundings and create his own dream physique. Nonetheless, he even proved it when he turned 28 and successfully won high-profile bodybuilding competitions back-to-back, which helped him secure a place at the top of the bodybuilding industry.

However, the path to success wasn’t that easy. Sadik’s parents fled their home country as refugees and went through many struggles in an unknown country. Finally, he happened to cope with all these things and created an incredible physique with impressive winnings of competitions.

About Sadik Hadzovic

Born and brought up in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sadik Hadzovic didn’t have a normal childhood. Likewise, their family also moved to America as a refugee for a better life. Once reaching there in New York, he was raised with a strict, no-nonsense mentality. His parents work very hard, and the same mentality and work ethic got into him from a very young age.

From an early age, similar to other IFBB Pros, Sadik also got into weight training. Unfortunately for him, first, the purpose of hitting the gym was also letting out frustrations or obstacles he faced in his life. Nonetheless, working out helped him build confidence.

For a few years, Sadik happened to work out like any other gym guy. But, later, after realizing his mistakes, he started eating correctly and tracking his macros, which gave him serious results. Finally, after years of hard work at the age of 24, he developed an impressive physique that helped him realize his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Road to Bodybuilding – From Fist Competition to IFBB Pro

In 2011, he entered his first bodybuilding competition in the NPC Eastern USA Championship, where he finished with a respectable third position, which helped him stay motivated and move further. Then later in 2012, he entered the 2012 NPC Metropolitan Championships, where he got first placed and took the trophy with him. Thus, at the age of 25, he got his first Pro Card and achieved his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

sadik hadzovic workout routine

Below is one of Sadik Hadzovic’s workout routine that you can go through if you’ve questions about it or want to try your hands.

Sadik Hadzovic’s Workout Routine

Monday: Back

BB Deadlift511 – 13
Lat Pulldowns411 – 13 
Bent Over BB Rowing411 – 13
Chin – Ups311 – 13
Cable Rowing (Seated)411 – 13
Pull-Ups1Till Failure

Tuesday: Chest

DB Flys (Incline)411 – 13
BB Bench Press (Incline)511 – 13
Chest Machine Flys411 – 13
BB Bench Press511 – 13
Cable Flys311 – 13
Decline Chest Press (Machine)411 – 13
Push-Ups1Till Failure

Wednesday: Cardio

Interval Sprint for 5 Minutes – 1 Minute Sprit & 1 Minute Rest

Thursday: Legs

Leg Press511 – 13
Leg Extensions511 – 13
Leg Curls (Lying)511 – 13
Calf Raises (Donkey)611 – 13
BB Back Squats411 – 13
Walking Lunges1Till Failure

Friday: Arms

DB Preacher Curls411 – 13
Triceps French Press (Decline)511 – 13
DB Hammer Curls (Standing)411 – 13
Triceps Pushdowns511 – 13 
BB Curls (Heavy)311 – 13
Overhead Triceps Extensions (Seated)311 – 13

Saturday: Abs

Cable Crunches411 – 13
Arm & Leg Raises (Use Exercise Ball)411 – 13 
Alternate Leg – Ups411 – 13
Cross Mountain Climbers411 – 13
Torso Twists W/ Medicine Ball411 – 13
Alternate Toe Touches411 – 13
Leg Raises (Hanging)1Till Failure

Sunday: Shoulders

DB Shoulder Press511 – 13
DB Side Lateral Raises (Seated)511 – 13
DB Front Lateral Raises (Seated)311 – 13
BB Shrugs411 – 13
BB Military Press (Standing)411 – 13 
DB Arnold Press (Standing)311 – 13

Sadik Hadzovic’s Diet Plan

Meal 1:

  • Lean Chicken or Turkey – ½ Lbs
  • Egg Whites – 8 to 10
  • Oats – ½ Cup

Meal 2:

  • Red Meat – ½ Lbs
  • White Rice – 1 Cup

Meal 3:

  • Fish – ½ Lbs
  • Large Potato – 1

Meal 4:

Meal 5:

  • Fish– ½ Lbs
  • Asparagus or Broccoli

Meal 6:

  • Lean Chicken or Turkey – ½ Lbs
  • Egg Whites – 8 to 10
  • Some Whole Eggs or Almonds

Wrapping Up

Sadik is a known and rising star of the fitness industry that hasn’t been given anything. Instead, he came forward with a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Here we’ve covered one of Sadik Hadzovic’s workout routine. So, if you’ve questions or want to try it, then you can go ahead. Good luck!

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