Here’s an Award-Winning American Actor Stephen Lang’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Stephen Lang Workout Routine

For those who need motivation to workout or often think that I’m too old to do a workout for them, this post is going to make them rethink their decision. Today, we’re going to discuss about an award-winning American actor, Stephen Lang’s workout routine and diet plan, who is currently in his 70s and has the fitness level of a healthy 30-year-old.Here in this post, we will give you details about Stephen’s workout that will help you understand his workout philosophy and how you can even adapt it to improve your lifestyle. Similarly, it’ll also help you to do better for yourself by working-out and taking care of your body. He’s a true fitness inspiration who stays in shape for his demanding movie roles by regularly involving himself in strength training and yoga.

Stephen Lang’s Workout Routine

Stephen likes paying attention to a high-volume workout routine. It means he’s more focused on high reps with low to medium weights. Similarly, he likes focusing on one muscle group per session. Along with strength training, he also keeps 2 days for yoga. Nonetheless, here below is one such workout plan of him that will give you a better understanding of his fitness level.

Monday – Chest

Pec Deck Chest Fly312
BB Bench Press (Flat)312
Incline BB Bench Press312
Decline BB Bench Press312
Incline Push – Ups210
Chest Dips210
Stretching1 Min
Lying Pectoral Stretching1 Min

Tuesday – Legs

Side Lunges Stretching30 Sec / Side
Jumping Jacks30 Sec
Bodyweight Squats315
BB Front Squats310
DB Split Squats310
Romanian BB Deadlift310
Swiss Bull Leg Curls310
Bodyweight Calf Raises315
Hamstring Stretches1 Min
Quads Stretching1 Min
Calf Stretches1 Min

Wednesday – Yoga

Standing Deep Breath1 Min
Half Moon Pose1 Min
Awkward Pose1 Min
Eagle Pose1 Min
Standing Head to Knee Pose30 Sec
Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose30 Sec
Tree Pose30 Sec
Triangle Pose1 Min
Savasana1 Min
Sit Up30 Sec
Cobra30 Sec
Bow Pose30 Sec
Half Tortoise30 Sec
Child’s Pose30 Sec
Mountain Pose Namaste1 Min

Thursday – Arms & Shoulders

Straight Arm Circle30 Sec
Cross Body Shoulder Swings30 Sec
BB Overhead Press312
DB Concentration Curls315
DB Hammer Curls315
Reverse BB Curls315
DB Shoulder Press310
Foam Roller Double Arm Lifts30 Sec
Lunges W/ Overhead Reach30 Sec
Prayer Stretch30 Sec

Friday – Cardio

Single Leg Stand30 Sec / Side
Jumping Jacks30 Sec
Jogging (Warm Up)30 Sec
Squat Jumps212
Squat to Front Kicks220
Standing Oblique Crunches220
Box Jumps210
Screamer Lunges220
Mountain Climbers30 Sec
Burpees1 Min
Russian Twists30 Sec
Inchworms30 Sec
Planks30 Sec
Lunges W/ Spinal Twists30 Sec

Saturday – Yoga

Standing Deep Breathing1 Min
Palm Tree Pose30 Sec
Chair Pose Flow30 Sec
Standing Bow Pulling Pose1 Min
Balancing Stick Pose1 Min
Toe Stand30 Sec
Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose1 Min
Savasana1 Min
Sit Up30 Sec
Locust30 Sec
Camel Pose30 Sec
Fixed Firm Pose30 Sec
Mountain Pose Namaste30 Sec

Sunday – Rest Day

Stephe Lang’s Diet Plan

Stephen believes in balancing. Hence, he likes avoiding binging on unhealthy foods and eating healthy food whenever he can. He prefers having protein shakes with kale, but apart from that, he also goes for lean meats & vegetables.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

  • Yogurt W/ Fruits

Meal 3:

  • Grilled Chicken Salad

Meal 4:

  • Protein Shake

Meal 5:

  • Lean Ground Beef
  • Fresh Veggies


  • Multivitamin
  • Whey Protein

Stephe Lang’s Workout Principle

Stephen believes fitness is a lifelong journey. He has a keen interest in staying healthy, bodybuilding, and military history, which also inspires him to stay lean and live an active lifestyle. He’s proud of building muscle mass and also likes eating healthy.

He likes training one muscle group a day and finds that low to moderate weights with consistent training work best for him to burn calories and manage body fat.

By knowing his body’s strength and sticking to the dedicated workout plan, Stephen’s body is in fantastic shape, and it also helps in his acting career.

About Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang is an American actor who was born in New York City on July 11, 1952 and is well-known for his various roles in theater, television, and movies. Lang is most recognized for his famous performance as Colonel Quaritch in James Cameron’s 2009 film “Avatar,” but he has also won praise from critics for roles in films such as “Salem” and “Tombstone” (1993). Lang has constantly given impressive performances.

Lang is notable not just for his acting abilities but also for his dedication to physical fitness. He keeps up a substantial figure that defies stereotypes about aging in the entertainment business. Beyond his on-screen personas, his commitment to excellence inspires others. In the constantly changing world of entertainment, Stephen Lang is not just a renowned actor but also a representation of brilliance, tenacity, and ageless appeal.

Closing Thoughts

Few performers in Hollywood’s glittering world, where brilliance and tenacity meet, shine as brightly as the legendary Stephen Lang. Acclaimed for his fascinating performances and fantastic list of achievements, Lang has made a name for himself not just in the entertainment industry but also as a fitness star.

As we recognize Stephen’s accomplishments in Hollywood, let’s also honor his unwavering dedication to physical well-being. Lang’s philosophy of fitness serves as a welcome reminder that actual achievement is a whole-person pursuit that involves the body and the spirit. In the same way, if you’re a fan and curious about Stephen Lang’s workout routine, we’ve covered one here. It will inspire you to begin your fitness journey and provide clarity on his fitness lifestyle as well.

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