Bruce Lee’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Here’s a Revolutionary Figure of Asian Martial Arts & a Famous Actor, Bruce Lee’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Bruce Lee was one of the world’s most revolutionary martial artists known for martial arts skills to date. He was the hardest working person and was called the father of mixed martial arts, creating a cultural bridge between the East & the West. He was the person behind popularizing Asian Martial Arts in the western part of the world at the level that action movies didn’t look like an action movies without some fighting scenes of martial arts.

This article covers the secret sauce behind his shredded physique by covering Bruce Lee’s workout routine & diet plan. Though we couldn’t find the exact one, we’ve covered some of his workouts based on our information.


About Bruce Lee

Born in San Francisco & raised in Hong Kong (British), Lee Jun-fan, popularly known as Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973), was a Martial Artist, philosopher, and director who’s globally known for his Asian Martial Arts skills. Similarly, he was also the founder of Jeet Kune Do, a hybrid martial arts philosophy picked from different combat sports, and it’s also credited for making its way for modern MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Moreover, he was the most influential greatest of all time martial artist and is considered a pop culture icon of the 20th century whose legacy is inspiring people around the globe to date. Similarly, he was the one who happened to bridge the gap between East & West.

The success of Bruce Lee in martial arts was his dedication to fitness. He had an intense level of workout routine that was designed for building strength, endurance as well as speed. In addition, he has also built the mental discipline that helped him excel in martial art.

Furthermore, Bruce Lee’s workout routine combined strength training, martial arts training, and cardiovascular exercise. He used to keep a balanced approach towards his fitness program and worked hard to maintain his physical and mental edge. Furthermore, here below are some of Bruce Lee’s workout routines that are believed to be followed by him:

Bruce Lee Workout Routine: According to His Book “The Art of Expressing the Human Body.”

Exercise Sets Reps
Squats 3 10
French Press 4 6
Incline DB Curls 4 6
DB Concentration Curls 3 10
DB Curls (Two-Handed) 3 8
Triceps Stretches 3 8
DB Curls 4 Till Failure
Reverse DB Curls 4 6
Wrist Curls 4 Till Failure

Bruce Lee Workout Routine: Full Body Workout – 3 Days a Week

Exercise Sets Reps
Clean & Press 2 8
BB Squats 2 12
BB Pullover 2 8
BB Bench Press 2 6
Good Morning 2 8
BB Curls 2 8

Bruce Lee’s Workout Routine – 6 Days a Week

Monday: Upper Body

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Bench Press 4 12
Chin–Ups (Weighted) 4 10
Incline Reverse DB Flys 3 10
Incline DB Bench Press 3 10
BB Power Cleans 3 10
Face Pulls 3 10
Plank Rows 3 10
Sit – Ups 3 25
Planks 3 1 Min
Cooldown 800 Mt Jog

Tuesday: Full Body & Endurance  – Total 5 Rounds

Exercise Sets Reps
Sprint 5 100 Mt
Mountain Climbers 5 25
KB Swings 5 20
Burpees 5 15
Pull – Ups 5 10
BB Deadlift 5 5
Sit – Ups 3 25
Planks 3 1 Min
Cooldown 1600 Mt. Jog

Wednesday: Rest Day or Martial Arts

Thursday – Lower Body

Exercise Sets Reps
Squats 4 12
Lunges – Weighted 4 10
Straight Leg BB Deadlift 3 10
Hamstring Curls 3 10
Front Squats (Light) 3 15
Calf Raises 3 10
Box Jumps 3 10
Sit – Ups 3 25
Planks 3 1 Min
Cooldown 800 Mt. Jog

Friday: Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Raises 5 50
Push – Ups 5 40
1 – Arm DB Snatches 5 30
Double Under 5 20
Burpees 5 10
Sit – Ups 3 25
Planks 3 1 Min
Cooldown 1600 Mt. Jog

Saturday – Martial Arts

Sunday – Rest Day

Bruce Lee Workout Routine: Strength & Conditioning

Punching Training:

  • Air Punching – 3 Sets of 50
  • Sand Plate – 3 Sets of 50
  • Hanging Bag – 3 Sets of 50

Stretching of Leg:

  • Forward Stretching – 3 Sets of 12
  • Side Stretching – 3 Sets of 12

Kick Training:

  • Straight Kicks – 3 Sets of 12
  • Side Kicks – 3 Sets of 12
  • Kicking Form – 3 Sets of 12

Wooden Dummy Training:

  • Traditional 108 Form
  • Individual Technique Training
  • Training in Entering

Form Practicing:

  • Sil Lum Tao
  • Hand Techniques
  • Wing Chun Fist

Bruce Lee’s Diet Plan

Meal 1

Meal 2

  • Oyster Sauce
  • Beef

Meal 3

  • Protein Shake

Meal 4

  • Rice
  • Chicken

Meal 5

  • Protein Shake


Bruce Lee Workout Routine – Our Closing Thoughts

Bruce Lee believed in combining weight training with martial arts training and cardiovascular exercise. However, he gave more importance to a balanced approach toward fitness. His dedication and commitment to excellence helped him become an inspiration for millions of people globally. While it’s challenging to replicate Bruce Lee’s workout routine to a tee, but here we’ve covered some of his workout plans that you can try. In addition, we can learn to discipline ourselves like him to become the best of what we can be.

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