Cedric McMillan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Cedric Is the Beast With the Height 6’1 & 300 Lbs Weight Who Is the US Army Instructor Which Makes Him More Dangerous

Born and brought up in New Jersey, USA, Cedric has always been passionate about bodybuilding. He is so in love with bodybuilding that he often used to draw pictures of the muscular body in his younger days and talk about muscles, despite having no real knowledge of bodybuilding.

However, he followed his dream, and sooner it becomes a reality. Today, Cedric McMillan is one of the massive bodybuilders ever, who is also known as the “Black Arnold” because of a massive, aesthetic, and muscular physique.

Cedric Is an Army Instructor, IFBB Pro Popularly Known As the Black Arnold Schwarzenegger

Later on, in his professional career, Cedric spent time serving the US Army, where he learned to push his limits and built a formidable physique with training. Later during his serving in the forces, Cedric took the step of entering the first bodybuilding competition, the NPC North Carolina that proved to be one of his best decisions. Later in 2009, he also won his Pro Card.
cedric mcmillan workout routine

Cedric McMillan Workout Routine

Unlike other popular bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Phil Heath, he may not have enough training experience, but his training routine isn’t less than anyone. Cedric McMillan’s workout routine includes a typical six-day routine that consists of different body parts. Below is one such workout plan of Cedric McMillan:

Monday: Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps
DB Side Lateral Raises 3 30
Steering Wheel 2 40
DB Shoulder Press 2 12
DB Partial Side Lateral Raises 2 35
DB Rear Deltoid Raises 1 10

Tuesday: Quadriceps

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Extensions 1 12 – 20
Leg Press 1 12 – 20
Walking Lunges /Without Weight 40 Steps
Leg Extensions 1 20

Wednesday: Back

Exercise Sets Reps
Pull-Ups 3 12 – 20
Lat Pulldowns 3 12 – 20
Seated Cable Rowing 3 12
Bent – Over BB Rowing 3 12
1 – Arm Seated Cable Pulldowns 3 12

Thursday: Chest

Exercise Sets Reps
Pec Deck Flys 4 12 – 20
Cable Crossovers 2 12 – 20
Incline DB Flys 3 12
Incline BB Press 2 20

Friday: Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
Decline DB Triceps Extensions 3 12 – 20
Overhead Triceps Cable Extensions 3 12 – 20
BB Curls 2 20
Cable Curls (Low – Pulley) 2 20
DB Concentration Curls 2 12 – 20 

Saturday: Hamstrings

Exercise Sets Reps
Seated Leg Curls 3 12
Stiffed Leg Deadlift 3 12
Single Leg Curls 2 20
Lying Leg Curls 2 20

Sunday: Rest Day

Another Workout Routine of Cedric McMillan

Here below is another workout routine of Cedric McMillan:


Exercise Sets Reps
Pec Deck Fly 4 12
Cable Crossovers 4 12 – 15
Low Incline DB Flys 3 12
Incline BB Press 1 20


Exercise Sets Reps
Bent Over BB Rowing 3 12
Lat Pulldowns 3 12
1 – Arm Cable Pullover 3 12
Hyperextensions 3 20 – 25


Exercise Sets Reps
Smith Machine Press 3 12
Cable Side Lateral Raises 3 12
DB Bent Over Lateral Raises 3 12
Forward DB Press 4 12


Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Extensions 3 12
Seated Leg Curls 3 12
Lying Leg Curls 2 – 3 12
Standing Calf Raises 5 10 – 12


Exercise Sets Reps
Overhead Triceps Extensions 3 12
Standing BB Curls 2 20
DB Concentration Curls 2 20
Decline Lying Triceps Extensions 3 12

Cedric McMillan Diet Plan

Like other pro bodybuilders, he’s also the big believer in having a high protein diet. And, one such diet plan of McMillan is:

Meal 1

  • Oats
  • Egg Whites
  • Whole Egg

Meal 2

  • Chicken Breast
  • Rice
  • Green Vegetables

Meal 3

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Green Vegetables
  • Red Meat

Meal 4

  • White Fish
  • Rice
  • Green Vegetables

Meal 5

Meal 6

  • Red Meat W/ Green Salad

Physical Statistics of Cedric McMillan

  • Height – 6 Feet &1 Inch
  • Weight – 295 Lbs to 310Lbs (133.8 Kg – 140.6 Kg)

Olympia Results

  • 2019 – Placed 7th (Mr. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 2018 – Placed 9th (Mr. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 2017 – Placed 10th (Mr. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 2016 – Placed 7th (Mr. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 2013 – Placed 12th(Mr. Olympia – IFBB)

Wrapping Up

Cedric McMillan’s success story is something that should be remembered. He’s one of the hardest working person in the realms of IFBB professional bodybuilders. Cedric continued to become the better version of himself year after year by adding more and more conditioned muscles.

If you’ve ever wondered what Cedric’s workout plan is or what type of workout routine he follows, then we hope this piece article may have proven helpful.

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