Chris Evans Is Among the Fittest Hollywood Actor Known for His Role in Movies Like Captain America & the Avengers

Christopher Robert Evans, popularly known as Chris Evans, is one of the fittest Hollywood actors known for his incredible acting and fantastic body transformation.  And, if you’re among his fan who wants to find out what Chris Evans workout routine is and diet plan or what method allowed him to put on serious muscle mass, then you’re reading the right article.

Here we’ve two of his workout routine. His workout plan involves five to six exercises per session. Furthermore, he even involves active rest days in his workout plan. It means he stays busy with some light workouts such as Yoga or light cardio with some light exercise that helps his flexibility on rest days.

Let’s find out what’s his workout routine and diet plan.

chris evans workout routine

Chris Evans Workout Routine – 1

Day 1: Lower Body

BB Back Squats35
BB Deadlift35
Jump Squats212
Box Jumps210
Lying Leg Curls212
Standing Calf Raises215

Day 2: Upper Body

BB Military Press35
Incline DB Press35
Z Press38
Inverted Rows312

Day 3: Active Rest Day

Yoga OR Light Cardio
Balance Beam Exercises

Day 4: Lower Body

Deadlift W/ Trap Bar35
BB Front Squats35
Leg Press312
Seated Leg Curls215
Jumping Lunges215
Seated Calf Raises215

Day 5: Upper Body

Bent Over BB Rowing35
Incline BB Bench Press35
Kneeling Shoulder Press35
1 – Arm DB Rowing312
Chin – Ups315

Day 6: Rest Day

Yoga OR Light Cardio
Balance Beam Exercises

Day 7: Arms & Abs

Planks330 Seconds
Bicycle Crunches315
Lying Leg Raises315
Crunches (Weighted)310
DB Curls210
Overhead DB Extensions210
BB Curls210

Chris Evans Workout Routine – 2

Monday: Back

Weighted Pull-Ups44 – 6
1 – Arm DB Row24 – 6
Seated Cable Row36 – 8
Lat Pull Down38 – 10
Cable Crunches3 -410 – 12

Tuesday: Chest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Lower Body

BB Deadlift34 – 6
Lunges26 – 8
Leg Press310 – 12
Standing / Seated Calf Raises510 – 15
Hyperextensions310 – 12
Cable Woodchoppers310 – 15

Friday: Upper Body

Seated DB Press36 – 8 
Pull-Ups (Weighted)36 – 8
Cable Crossovers310 – 12
Side DB Lateral Raises310 – 12
Rear DB Lateral Raises210 – 12
BB Curls3 – 48 – 10
Overhead Triceps Extensions3 – 48 – 10

Saturday & Sunday: Rest Day

Chris Evans Diet Plan

Chris Evans is known for his amazing transformation, and to achieve that, he has followed a serious bodybuilding routine. Likewise, he also has to be serious with his diet plan. One such high protein diet that Chris followed is as follows:


  • Porridge – 1 Bowl
  • Walnuts
  • Dark Berries

Morning Snack

  • Whey Protein Shake
  • BCAA

Snack (Pre – Workout):

  • Apple
  • Almonds

Snack (Post – Workout):


  • Chicken Salad
  • Basmati Rice

Afternoon Snack:

  • Protein Shake


  • Fish, Chicken or Beef
  • Veggies

Before Bed:

  • Protein Shake (Casein)

About Chris Evans

Born on June 13, 1981, Chris Evans is a popular Hollywood actor who has numerous awards for his incredible acting in movies like the Avengers franchise and Captain America. And, apart from his movies, he’s also famous for his incredible body transformation.

Like other muscular Hollywood actors, Chris Evans is also one of the actors who has inspired many to follow strong workout ethics to achieve a muscular physique.

Wrapping Up

Chris Evans is among the famous actors who are popular not only for his acting skills but also amazing transformation he brings to the movies. And, if you’re his fan who likes to know what type of workout routine or diet plans he follows, we hope this workout routine has been helpful.

Lastly, to achieve a lean and strong physique like him, you’ll require a lot of dedication that’s quite similar to any athlete. Therefore, make sure that you’re experienced with workouts before trying your hand on an advanced workout routine like this. Otherwise, it’s recommended that you follow any beginner’s workout routine. Good luck!

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