Here’s Popular Acrobatic Expert Jujimufu’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Popular for his acrobatics skills and for creating the largest online community of “Tricksters,” Jon Call, often known as Jujimufu, became famous by doing the viral weighted chair splits. He also competed on America’s Got Talent Season 11, which gave him a huge fan following. In addition, because of his physique and acrobatic skills, it’s expected that many will be curious to know what Jujimufu’s workout routine was that helped him do acrobats while staying jacked.

Like pro bodybuilders, he started very young. At the age of 13, he started his fitness journey. He also started seeing results very early on, which motivated him to keep going. Nonetheless, he didn’t start as any conventional athlete. Instead, he got into gymnastics and tricking, which helped him forge his own path in the world of fitness. First, he started for self-improvement, which further led him to develop a proper workout routine that defined his norms while embracing creativity.

Jujimufu Workout Routine

Jujimufu’s Workout Routine

Jujimufu’s workout routine is more than a series of exercises that we usually see people doing in the gym. For instance, he does tricks 3 days a week, and in the winter season, he stays more focused on his bodybuilding workout routine while avoiding tricking.

Below is one such workout plan that will help you understand how he plans his workout, which usually includes his tricking workout as well.

Monday – Quadriceps & Acrobatics

Exercise NameSetsReps
Front BB Squats38
Tricking for 2 Hours

Tuesday – Legs, Arms & Cardio

Exercise NameSetsReps
Front BB Squats38
Rope Jumping1 Hr
Preacher Curls210 – 16
Banded Preacher Curls210 – 16
Triceps Pushdowns210 – 16
Banded Triceps Pushdowns210 – 16
Lying Leg Curls210 – 16
Triceps Pushdowns210 – 16
Standing Triceps Stretches210 – 16
Dips or Close Grip BB Bench Press310

Wednesday – Back, Glutes & Strong Man Training

Exercise NameSetsReps
BB Deadlift38
Strongman Style Training1 Hr

Thursday – Shoulders

Exercise NameSetsReps
Double Overhand Deadlifts9 – 124 – 6
Military Press58 – 12

Friday – Legs & Chest

Exercise NameSetsReps
BB Back Squats310
BB Bench Press36
BB Bench Press W/ Sling Shot36
Cable Flys310
Hex Press310

Saturday – Tricking & Flexibility Training

Exercise NameSetsReps
Tricking1 Hr
Flexibility / Stretching30 Min

Sunday – Rest Day

Jujimufu’s Diet Plan

He keeps his approach towards diet simple. He likes focusing on the food quality instead of worrying about how many calories he consumes in a day or the macronutrient values. He focuses on what needs to be eaten rather than what he shouldn’t be eating. Also, he doesn’t go strict with his diet, like bodybuilders, and instead enjoys eating cookies and drinking beer from time to time.

Meal 1:

  • Steak – 6 Ounces
  • Whole Eggs – 6
  • Medium Avocado – 1
  • English Muffin – 1
  • Raw Onion – ½
  • Freshly Juiced Vegetables W/ Green Powder – 16 Ounces

Meal 2:

  • Cream of Rice – ½ Cup
  • Sunflower Seed Butter – 1 Tbsp
  • Protein – 1 Scoop

Meal 3:

  • Large Baked Chicken Breast – 1
  • White Rice – 2 Cup
  • Broccoli – 1 Cup

Meal 4:

  • Ground Beef – 12 Ounces
  • Quinoa – 2 Cup
  • Steamed Vegetables – 1 Cup
  • Freshly Juiced Vegetables W/ Green Powder – 16 Ounces

Meal 5:

  • Sardines – 3 Cans
  • Crackers – 4
  • Hummus – 1 Ounce
  • Cucumbers – 2
  • Freshly Juiced Vegetables W/ Green Powder – 16 Ounces


  • Multivitamins
  • Amino Acids
  • Green Powder

About Jujimufu

Growing up in a small American town, Jon Call, popularly known as Jujimufu, developed a passion for gymnastics and martial arts from very early on. His curiosity led him to go beyond traditional training methods, which is how his quest to become a fitness celebrity started.

From an early age, Jujimufu showed a talent for pushing boundaries and embracing failure as part of learning. Despite facing challenges, he remained focused on his quest for excellence.

Jujimufu became well-known for his extraordinary strength, flexibility, and agility as he improved his abilities. Similarly, his unique teaching method and contagious charisma enthralled audiences all over the world. Jujimufu is a true inspiration that shows greatness can be attained through perseverance and drive.

Closing Thoughts

Jujimufu’s workout routine isn’t a typical workout plan. He believes in celebrating the limitless potential of the human body. He embraces strength, flexibility, creativity, and flexibility. He has redefined what fitness means and has also inspired many to pursue their own fitness journey. Hence, if you’re his fan and want to know about his workout plan and diet, here we’ve discussed about it.

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