Simeon Panda’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplementation Stack

Professional Bodybuilder & One of the Top Fitness Influencers of the World According to Forbes

Like other professional bodybuilders, Simeon also had a thirst for lifting weights from a very young age. So, he started lifting in his college days, and since then, he’s been thoroughly involved in it. Nowadays, Simeon competes in bodybuilding competitions worldwide, judges competitions, and owns his own sportswear company.

About Simeon Panda – From Home Workouts to Becoming a Professional Bodybuilder

At the age of sixteen, Simeon first started lifting weight, being a pure ectomorph (a skinny teenager hoping to improve strength and overall size).

Nonetheless, he happened to have a ripped and muscular friend who further inspired and motivated him to get into workouts. And later, while continuing his workout, one of his brother’s friends was shocked by his progress, which motivated him to keep doing what he was doing and work out even harder.

Keep reading if you want to know Simeon Panda’s workout routine, diet plan, or what supplements he takes.

simeon panda workout routine

Simeon Panda’s Workout Routine

Monday: Chest

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Bench Press 8 10 – 4
Incline BB or DB Press 8 10 – 4
Cable FLys (Low) 6 20 – 6
Cable Flys (High) 6 20 – 6

Tuesday: Legs

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Extensions 3 20
BB Back Squats 8 10 – 4
Leg Press 8 15 – 12
Leg Curls (Lying) 8 20 – 6
Calf Press W/ Leg Press Machine 4 20
Donkey Calf Raises 4 20

Wednesday: Back

Exercise Sets Reps
Bent Over BB Rowing 8 20 – 6
Lat Pulldown 8 20 – 6
Close Grip Seated Rowing 8 20 – 6
1 – Arm DB Rowing 6 10 – 6

Thursday: Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps
DB / BB Shoulder Press 8 20 – 6
DB Side Lateral Raises 8 20 – 6
DB Front Lateral Raises 8 20 – 6
BB Shrugs 8 20 – 6

Friday: Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
Close Grip BB Bench Press 8 20 – 6
BB / DB Preacher Curls 8 20 – 6
Triceps Cable Pushdowns 8 20 – 6
DB Hammer Curls 8 20 – 6

Saturday & Sunday: Rest Day

Simeon Panda’s Diet Plan

Meal 1:

  • Oats
  • Almonds
  • Banana

Meal 2:

  • Cottage Cheese
  • Rice Cakes

Meal 3:

  • Rice (Wholegrain)
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Chicken Breast

Meal 4:

  • Rice (Wholegrain)
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Chicken Breast

Meal 5:

  • Rice (Wholegrain)
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Chicken Breast

Meal 6:

Meal 7:

  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Mackrel

Supplementation Stack of Simeon Panda

Wrapping Up

Simeon Panda is among the most influential bodybuilder from England who’s known for being one of the top ten fitness influencers of the world by Forbes and having 7+ million Instagram followers. Luckily, he didn’t have any tough life like other bodybuilders and instead led goal-oriented life like Jay Cutler without any sad story.

Nonetheless, if you’re his fan and had questions like Simeon Panda’s workout routine, what diet plan he follows, or supplementation stack, we hope you get an idea about it by this article.

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